About Private Signature

Who We Are

Private Signature is a natural beauty and skin care company that provides genuine, safe, and high quality natural skin care products designed to help men and women take care of their skin with ease. Inspired by a functional medicine doctor‘s wife who herself struggled with skin issues and sought a more natural approach.

Now through her own journey and experiences she created  Private Signature  to empower others to eat healthy and have access to high quality natural  skin products.

How We Started

The name Private Signature was inspired by what was initially a private journey to provide a solution for the skin care pain points that my wife and daughter experienced using different products. Determined to bring their challenges to an end, I decided to use natural ingredients to make skin care products that they’d use as an alternative to the products they were using earlier. After using my products for some time, the results were amazing! Excited about their newly found remedy, they encouraged me to make the products available to the general public, and that’s how Private Signature began.

Why US?

At Private Signature, we believe that you should look and feel gorgeous and confident with a beautiful skin and have access to the best quality and affordable products to help you attain the skin you have always wished to have. However, we realize that many people do not have access to good quality products, the fact that limits their beauty goals and even poses a threat to their health. We are determined to change this situation.

In a field that is saturated with many products claiming to be natural, and yet they use chemical ingredients, we want to be different. We emphasize on using natural ingredients that ensure the safety of our products and mitigate the harm other chemically made products can inflict on you. Our products are all natural and free from chemical compositions such as sulfates, paraben, phthalate, and have no artificial colors or animal by-products.

Our products have a clarity of the results we want on the end-user.  Most importantly, while most products available on the market cater to the needs of women only, our products are made for both women and men who are keen on their look and want to stand out.

Currently, we offer 8 skin care products that include:

  • Cleanser
  • Stem cell
  • Moisturizer
  • Retinol serum
  • Wrinkle cream
  • Hydra gel
  • Brightening serum; and
  • Complexion renewal dry oil

Customer Service

We place great value on our clients’ satisfaction. As such, everything that we do is geared towards delivering our clients more value with a goal to establish a mutually beneficial trustworthy relationship with them. We treat all our clients with care, respect, and empathy without exclusion. Further, you can be confident that when you have any question or concern regarding our products, you will be attended to by a professional. We care about how you look and feel about yourself, and we have your best interest at heart. Shop with us today or contact us for more information.